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Concrete Mixer

With double shafts, Haomei developed high-efficiency concrete mixing equipment of this series. This concrete mixer can produce the high-quality concrete in the shortest time, only 30 seconds. Adopting gear reducer drive, the mixer presents better mixing ability, even and fast mixing and extraordinarily high productivity. The mixer concentrates shaft end seal technology, which preventing leakage of concrete effectively. The temperature detection system for motor and oil pump, and safety device for overhaul door are also used in this mixing machine. Unique reducer of world-famous brand is adopted and featured by high reliability, long service life, large transfer torque and outstanding power performance. The world-renowned electric control lubrication pump ensures the shaft end seals filled with grease immediately; In the meantime, 4 shaft end seals are equipped with a manual oil filling point. The system of digital control assures the coaxiality of the two bearing holes of mixer, so that the shaft end seals are reliable. The equipment is of low noise and low energy consumption. Lining plate and mixing blade have extra long life to withstand more than 50000 times of mixing with materials of the antiwear high chromium cast iron and after experiencing the special heat treatment. Pneumatic door possesses advantages, such as compact in structure, faster than hydraulic door, against leakage and pollution, and convenient to repair. Besides, the manual discharge door is set to prevent from unexpected electricity cutoff.