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Asphalt plant manufacturers China Haomei


Haomei is one of the leading asphalt plants manufacturers in China, we have over 20 years experience on road construction and paving equipment industry. The LB series asphalt mixing plants have dust-and-drying integrated design, compact structure, small footprint, high thermal efficiency, the self-developed double-inverter burner has higher combustion efficiency and stronger oil adaptability.

asphalt plant manufacturers asphalt plant manufacturer

The features of finished material storage system:
1, Optimized design of the material structure to ensure that the trolley is not sticky under working conditions.
2, Adopt integrated imported variable frequency speed control to drive the hoisting mechanism, smoothing and decelerating smooth control, and rising and falling two-speed energy-saving operation. Improve the car, the structure is reasonable, and the positioning is accurate.
3, The car uses a photoelectric pulse encoder to record the position of the trolley and control the running speed and position of each segment.
4, Finished silo storage system: large capacity, special structural design, can effectively prevent segregation.

The excellent environment of the asphalt plants adopt dust collection/dust removal system:
1, Level 1 gravity dust removal plus secondary bag filter system and building body negative pressure dustproof design.
2, Comprehensively consider the fact that the dust content of the user's aggregate is unstable, the adaptability of the entire dust removal system and the service life of the bag are greatly enhanced, saving the maintenance cost of the user. The use of high-quality DuPont material bags, dust removal effect meets the current European standards.
3, Adopt automatic air pressure adjustment control system and famous brand imported induced draft fan to ensure the quality and stable working life of the dust removal system, fully meet the needs of users, and reduce the operating cost of equipment.
4, Customize the environmental protection concept according to European standards, and provide users with comprehensive compliance with dust emission, acid substance emission and noise control. Whether in the city or in scenic areas, you can safely integrate the asphalt mixing plant equipment and environment.

The pneumatic control system of asphalt plants
1, Air compressors adopt well-known brand screw-type air-cooling system, equipped with special air compressor station and secondary buffer, provide sufficient air supply.
2, The entire control system of asphalt plants manufacturers uses imported pneumatic components, and maintenance costs and user maintenance costs are greatly reduced.