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Batching plant machine with high efficiency


Buy batching plant machine with high efficiency and mixing performance from Haomei can save your cost and ensure the equipment quality. The key to improve the mixing efficiency of the concrete batching plant production line is the mixing machine, which is the forced concrete mixer. The key to the forced concrete mixer is the mixing shaft.

batching plant machine batching plant equipment

To protect the mixing shaft, the batching plant usually uses secondary mixing technology to make the aggregate in the silo, when the powder is stirred with water, it is put into the aggregate. Because the inside of the concrete mixer is two stirring shafts, on the stirring shaft there are stirring side arm and the stirring blade. If the aggregate directly enters the mixer can accelerate the non-working wear of the stirring blade and reduce the service life of concrete mixer.

The intermediate mixing bins in the concrete batching plant production line are mainly due to the fact that the aggregate compounding efficiency is sometimes higher than that of the powder and water, so the transition chamber is used to wait for the powder and water batching work, which is common seen in large concrete batching plants. The small batching plant machine uses a hopper elevator, then there is actually no intermediate belt bin, and the aggregate can wait in the lifting hopper.

At the same time, because the aggregate is heavier, the aggregate of the concrete batching plant will sink to the bottom. At this time, if the aggregate is first injected, it is not conducive to uniform mixing of the concrete, it will prolong the mixing cycle and slow down the mixing efficiency. At this time, the powder is first put into the water. In fact, it is beneficial to mix and stir with the aggregate, and finally improve the mixing efficiency of batching plant machine.