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How to Calculate Production of Ready Mix Concrete Plant


Whether it is engineering or commercial ready mix concrete plant, including ingredients, feeding, mixing, unloading. A complete production cycle must complete the four aspects. If get the production cycle time, we can calculate production of ready mix concrete plant.
General speaking, engineering ready mix concrete plant adopts the feeding hopper, and feeding hopper ready mix concrete plant needs 90-120 seconds to complete the production, and belt type ready mix concrete plant only needs 70-90 seconds.HZS60 Ready Mix Concrete Plant, host is JS1000 concrete mixer which can stir 1m3 material. The production process of HZS60 ready mix concrete plant will takes about 75 seconds 50 cycles per hour, the maximum production per hour is 50m3.HZS75 ready mix concrete plant, feeding hopper, each working cycle time is 120 seconds, it can be stirred 1.5 square every time. HZS75 ready mix concrete plant can only complete 30 cycles of mixing work, the actual production only 45 square meters

Ready Mix Concrete Plant specification for concrete batching plant