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Cement mixer twin shaft for sale


Haomei JS series twin shaft cement mixer for sale are made of high-wearing high-chromium alloy linings, the discharging capacity is 500-4000L. The bearings of twin shaft concrete mixers are all produced by well-known manufacturers.

The gearbox is an important part of the concrete mixer. During operation, the bearing, oil seal, impact resistance and overload capacity can have a huge impact on the gearbox. Haomei gearbox and oil seal system are designed according to international standards. After finishing and honing, it can work well with the concrete mixer and ensure its impact and overload resistance performance, at the same time, the service life is extended.

cement mixer cement mixer for sale

The concentricity of the cylinders of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is very important, and its accuracy will not only affect the service life of the shaft and the reduction gearbox of the concrete mixer core components, but also affect the mixing effect. Haomei has increased the precision of the cement mixer concentricity to a new height. When the cylinder is machined, the arc positioning plate and the circular arc plate are welded together to improve the positioning accuracy of the cylinder and reduce manufacturing errors. The use of imported welding robots ensures the stability of welding quality and improves production efficiency.

For the purpose of ensuring the service life of the blade liner, the equipment maintenance personnel should regularly check the gap between the mixing blade and the liner every week to ensure the best position at about 5mm, which greatly extends the service life. In the maintenance of the gearbox of the cement mixer, regular check the oil quality of the gear oil and replace the gearbox gear oil regularly every 2500h. Haomei twin shaft concrete mixer is easy to maintain, and the maintenance cost is low, which not only reduces the workload of our equipment maintenance, but also reduces the maintenance cost.