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How to debug the concrete batching plant for sale


The concrete batching plant for sale is mainly equipped with concrete mixers, batching machines, cement silos, screw conveyors, weighing hoppers, belt conveyors and control rooms. After the concrete mixing plant is purchased, it will be installed under the guide of concrete batching plant manufacturer, how can it be adjusted?

concrete batching plant for sale concrete batch plant for sale

First of all, we should know what should be done before commissioning. Before commissioning the concrete mixing plant, confirm the correct installation of the mechanical and electrical systems. Check whether the installation of each part meets the requirements. Check whether the connection of each important part is tight. Check whether the wiring of all motors and electrical appliances is safe and correct. Check if the lubrication oil or grease filling of each transmission part meets the requirements.
Secondly, when debugging the control system, first reset the emergency button, close the power switch in the electrical cabinet, turn on the breakers in each branch, switch the power switch in the control circuit, and switch the power switch in the control room in turn to observe if the electrical system is abnormal phenomenon. Open the button of each motor, trial run motor is correct, if not correct it should be adjusted immediately.
Next, start the air pump of the concrete batching plant. After the air pressure reaches the requirement, start the air control doors in sequence according to the button labeling, check whether the action is flexible, adjust the zero and adjust the sensitivity of the computer, check whether the air compressor switch is normal, and the air pressure meter, the display is correct, the pressure of the safety valve is adjusted to the standard range. The concrete mixer is tested to see whether there is an abnormal sound and whether each component can work normally.
Finally, when the belt conveyor is commissioned, it needs to be operated. During the running process, it is checked whether each idler is flexible. It is necessary to observe the belt carefully. There should be no swaying, running deviation, edging, slipping, deformation, etc.; When debugging the batching machine, click the ingredients button to see if the flexibility and configuration accuracy, and then adjust the ingredients reference.