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How to fold the boom of concrete boom pump truck for sale?


The concrete boom pump truck for sale is also called the concrete pump truck because it has its own independent boom 37-45m, many people also call it the boom pump truck. With the development of the construction market, the concrete boom pump trucks have become popular. Usually, the concrete boom pump trucks are generally four- to five-section booms. How do the booms of the boom trucks fold?

concrete boom pump truck for sale concrete boom pump trucks for sale

1, two-section boom folding
Usually, the two boom concrete pump truck can adopt two folding section methods. The first one is the upper fulcrum type. The reason for adopting this method is that the first arm is above, so the center of gravity of the boom is low, which is beneficial to the stability of the whole vehicle. The second way is the lower fulcrum type, which has the advantage that it is more convenient to deploy.
2, three-section boom folding
Generally, the folding manner of the three-section boom has six common combinations according to the position of the fulcrum and the folding manner, and each folding method has its advantages and disadvantages; wherein the structure of the R-shaped folding boom is relatively compact, and the opening of the Z-shaped folding boom is opened. The space is low, and the action is quick when opening and folding, so the two folding methods are also used in actual operation.
3, four and five section boom folding
Compared with the two-section boom and the three-section boom, the four-section and five-section booms are more combined in folding, and M-shaped, S-shaped, and R-shaped are commonly used in construction. The RZ shape is a combination of the two basic modes of R-shaped and Z-shaped, and is more widely used in concrete boom pump truck for sale because of the advantages of both.