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Configuration And After-sales Service In Selecting Concrete Mix Plant


Nowadays, all industries are in the rapid development, of course the competition is quite intense. Concrete mix plant market is the same. In the choice of investment in concrete mix plant, the most concerned problems of customers are nothing more than quality, price and after-sales service.

What are the most important parts of the concrete mixing plant? Nothing more than the concrete mixer and the control system. Customers must check the equipment carefully when buying cheaper equipment. The most important parts of a concrete mixer are reducer, motor and plate. Must pay attention to see whether there are something wrong with the board plate, so as not to affect the future construction. The other aspect is to check the control system configuration, check whether the operating system is perfect, the printer, computer equipment is complete or not! The last priority is the after-sales service, there will have no equipment does not appear problems with permanent work, what can we do at this time? Customers do not understand the maintenance? Yes, to find after-sales service! A business reputation not only from the good quality of the product, more importantly, is from after-sales service. For the customer after the transaction, the enterprise must be on call, if there is the problem, deal with it in time without delay until the customer satisfied!Haomei machinery always follow the principle of quality first, innovative and realistic, integrity-based, always for the sake of customers!

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