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Concrete mixer machine price in the market


With the development of economy and construction become very hot, and the concrete mixer machine plays an important role in it. I believe that many customers who have asked about the concrete mixer machine price on the internet will find that the difference is very large. Why does the price of concrete mixer ranges so wide? How could we choose suitable concrete mixer model with quality ensured?

concrete mixer machine price concrete mixer machine

The reasons why the price of the concrete mixer machine differs greatly are:
1. The steel is the skeleton of the concrete mixer, especially the special steel used in the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant directly determines the price of the concrete mixer machine. 90% of the cost of a concrete mixer is steel, and the small price range of steel will affect its ex-factory price.
2. The quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor that determines its price. As the old saying goes, the better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price will be. Therefore, when we purchase concrete mixers, we should not pay attention to equipment with low prices only, and quality is the precondition for ensuring the good operation of concrete mixers.
3. Fully automatic is much more expensive than ordinary equipment.

How to choose suitable concrete mixer machine for the project?
1.Visit the manufacturer on site, the concrete mixer is a large-scale mechanical product, so before buying it can not be rushed to buy, it is best to visit the factory site, including the company's company strength, production scale and spare parts quality. We proposed to choose large manufacturers, because the quality is guaranteed, the latter maintenance costs is less
2. To examine the completeness of the equipment service system. The use of concrete mixer machine equipment has a long period, and some minor problems will inevitably occur in later stages, so its quality and service system cannot be ignored. We suggested that when purchasing equipment must consider the perfection of its services, including pre-purchase guidance, analysis of the parameters of sales equipment and after-sales service commitments.