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Three Commonly used Concrete Mixer Production Type


Concrete mixer is a commonly used mixer products, it has characteristics with stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, easy maintenance and so on. Concrete mixer has many type of products, Haomei machinery is going to introduce the type of concrete mixer commonly used specifically.

1. Self-falling concrete mixer
There is a radially arranged stirring blade on the inner wall of the mixing cylinder. When the concrete mixer works, the mixing cylinder rotation around its horizontal axis, the material adding in the mixing tank, the blade raised the material to a certain height, then the material drops by itself weight, so that the cycle the movement to achieve the effect of uniform mixing. Since the concrete structure of the concrete mixer is simple, it generally focus on plastic mixing concrete.
2. Forced concrete mixer
The first type is a disk vertical axis forced concrete mixer. This mixer is divided into turbo and planetary. Then with the application of light aggregate, there is a circular groove horizontal shaft forced mixer, it is divided into single horizontal and double horizontal, it has characteristics of self-falling and forced mixer. The speed of the stirring blades is small, the wear resistance is good and the energy consumption is small. There is stirring blade on the shaft in the mixing cylinder of mandatory concrete mixer, the material stirring in the mixing blade to form a cross-flow. This stirring method is stronger than the self-falling stirring method, mainly suitable for stirring dry hard concrete.
3. The continuous concrete mixer
This kind of concrete mixer is equipped with helical stirring blades. The materials are fed into the mixer according to the batch ratio. The mixed concrete is discharged from the discharge end continuously. This kind of concrete mixer has a short mixing time, high productivity, and its development is compelling.

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With the development of concrete materials and construction technology, there have been many concrete mixer with new structure, such as steam heating mixer, supercritical speed mixer, acoustic mixer, no stirring blade swing disc mixer and the second mixing of concrete mixer and so on.