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Concrete mixer with pump machine price


The concrete mixer with pump machine price is lower than concrete mixer price plus to concrete pump price, although it has two functions: mixing and pumping on site. On site mixing means mixing raw materials of water, cement and sand into concrete. This process only needs to match the raw materials, and the other operation are remotely controlled, the completion is not difficult.

concrete mixer with pump machine price concrete mixer with pump machine

Compared to buy concrete mixer and concrete pump both, choose concrete mixer with pump is an ideal plan to save cost. Because the concrete mixer pump have the advantages of:
First, the hydraulically driven concrete mixer with pump can be constructed normally without the power line. It does not require an external power supply and is not affected by the power factor of the construction site. It has strong applicability and can be constructed at any site.

Second, the whole concrete mixer with pump machine is driven by a 52KW diesel engine. The diesel pumping power is more powerful and the pumping continues to be stable. It is 95% more efficient than similar products in the industry, and the conveying capacity per hour can reach 20 cubic meters.

Third, the whole machine no longer needs the motor. Those hydraulic diesel versions are all solved due to the instability of the electrical components in the electric control cabinet caused by the unstable voltage, the burning of the stirring motor, the burning of the motor, and the burning of the main motor. Electrical component failure drops to zero, overall failure rate is reduced.

Fourth, the hydraulic diesel concrete mixer and pump, the fuel consumption per hour is only 4~6 liters. Compared with the fuel consumption of other manufacturers' equipment of 10~15 liters per hour, which directly saves more than half of the fuel cost. The energy consumption is reduced, the power is saved, the efficiency is improved, and the concrete mixer with pump machine price investment return period is short.