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Mixing method of concrete mixing plant manufacturers


To concrete mixing plant manufacturers, to supply high quality equipment is the basic standard, to meet the customized requirement is a higher standard. To professional concrete plant suppliers, the concrete mixing plant has two mixing method, the Continuous type and Intermittent type.

concrete mixing plant manufacturers concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plants can be divided into periodic and continuous types according to the different working forms. Intermittent, also called periodic type, intermittent concrete mixing plant is to put the raw materials into the mixer hopper in proportion first, and then carry out the mixing, its feeding and discharging system is cycled according to a certain cycle. Although it does not has high productivity as the continuous concrete mixing plant, but it has high system configuration, high batching accuracy, high reliability, high productivity ensure and high cost performance.

The cycle type is currently widely used, but if it is to be used for projects with large concrete demand and large batch size, we concrete mixing plant manufacturers suggest the continuous plant. The continuous concrete mixing plant puts different materials into the designated hopper. The computer digital control controls the mixing ratio to send the aggregate to the mixing tank for mixing. The feeding and discharging are continuous. The concrete mixing station has the advantages of high stability, low maintenance cost, low space occupation, low failure, low wear, low energy consumption, large output, high efficiency and uniform mixing.