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Fully automatic control concrete plant manufacturers


Professional concrete plant manufacturers adopt semi or fully automatic control system to improve the mixing efficiency and reduce labor and error. Fully automatic control system has many functions that is superior than manual operate control system. Although the price of fully automatic concrete plant is higher than semi automatic concrete plant, but it is still welcomed on the market.

concrete plant manufacturers concrete plant manufacturer

The advanced functions of fully automatic control concrete plants are:
1, Full 3D interface animation simulates production conditions, and displays production data such as ingredient value, weighing value and error value in real time;
2, The production schedule of the concrete plant can be pre-arranged and the production sequence can be re-adjusted;
3, Automatically allocate single tank output according to batch output and mixing tank capacity;
4, All fast proofs with self-diagnosis and prompting functions;
5, Automatically adjust the drop and have trend judgment function, negative value automatic correction, zero automatic tracking, button peeling, etc.
6, Under-represented automatic compensation, super-exclusive automatic deduction, the measurement range of various materials and discharge tolerance are adjustable;
7, Provide a correction window for the moisture content of the aggregate to facilitate sand addition and water reduction;
8, Water metering can be suspended and adjusted at any time;
9, Provide the invoice loading function. When the user needs to modify, the invoice form can be designed in the office software and loaded into the control system to be used;
10, The data management system is convenient for users to query, browse or output the production data to the printer.
11, The components of the control system are selected from high-quality components, industrial grade computers, high performance PLC, human-machine interfaces and AD modules. The concrete plant manufacturers select famous brand low voltage devices, ensuring the normal work and service life of electronic control system.