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Choose principles of concrete pump truck for sale


In construction, selection of concrete pump truck for sale is very important, choosing the right size boom pump can reduce the construction workload and the completion period. In general, if the performance of optional concrete pump truck is too large, the availability is low, and if it is too small, the construction requirements cannot be met. When purchasing a concrete pump truck, we should consider the construction conditions when want to buy a suitable model. The size of a general project determines the model of the pump you purchase. What should we pay attention to when choosing concrete pump truck model?

concrete pump truck for sale concrete pump trucks for sale

1.The construction conditions When purchasing a concrete pump truck, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and the surrounding environment are all factors that should be considered. It is worth noting that the main performance parameters of the selected concrete boom pump should be consistent with or slightly larger than the construction requirements. If it is not consistent with the construction status, it will result in low utilization rate or can not meet the construction requirements, and ultimately accelerate the loss of the pump working.
2. The construction workload For some construction projects which has large amount of disposable concrete to be pumping, it is generally necessary to calculate the amount of concrete poured, the actual amount of single machine delivered and the construction time when purchasing a concrete pump truck, and a certain amount of reserve is required. It is recommended to equip 2 to 3 concrete boom pump trucks so that they can be targeted.
3, The product configuration When selecting the performance of the concrete pump truck for sale, it is necessary to adopt high starting point purchase mode. If it is decided to use a high value concrete pump truck, the standard requirements of the product should be improved. At the same time, the quality of the main components of the product, from the internal quality to the appearance must be adapted to the high price.