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Great Advantages of Wet Mix Batch Plant


To choose a suitable, durable and reliable wet mix batch plant will become more and more difficult. The customer must know the components and process of wet mix batch plant. As the professional manufacturer of batching plant in China, Haomei Machinery Equipment Co.,ltd focus on the advanced technology and best quality of construction machine.
1. High Strength Structural Design
The whole steel structure of wet mix batch plant is mostly made of H steel with high strength and high stability. At the same time, this wet mix batch plant will be suitable for all kinds of complex terrain.
2. Excellent Mixing Performance
The screw type concrete mixer of wet mix batch plant, high mixing performance, high productivity. For dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete can achieve good mixing effect. High reliability, accurate metering performance, long service life are the great advantages of wet mix batch plant from HAOMEI. Excellent mixing machine, screw conveyor, pneumatic components, measuring sensors, electrical components, etc., to ensure the high reliability, accurate metering performance and long service life.
3. Easy Maintenance
The repairing parts are equipped with a walk or ladder, and has enough space to operate. The host is also equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, and also has the function of automatic alarm of oil and overheating.
4. Excellent Environmental Performance of Wet Mix Batch Plant
The powder is carried out in the closed system, and the dust can be collected by the high efficiency dust collector. The pneumatic system of exhaust silencer device for unloading device to reduce noise pollution.

Wet Mix Batch Plantconcrete batching plant with mixer