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HZS75 Self Loading Batching Plant Measuring System


HZS75 self loading batching plant measuring system makes them together that cement and admixtures, water and additives, metering devices and the frame structure of the modular structure design. So that the measuring system device is centralized by control, one body frame, shorten the support foot, the upper part of the concrete mixer is compact and the installation and debugging is simple, the demolition and movement are convenient. What is the measuring system?
Measuring system is one of the important part of self loading batching plant, and it is the key part to affect the quality and cost of concrete. It is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.
Aggregate weighing system generally refers to the weighing of sand and stone, common in concrete batching machine, it can be done according to the user to design the ratio of aggregate materials, using electronic metering, with accurate weighing and batching accuracy, speed, greatly improving the production efficiency of the concrete mixing station.
Powder weighing is weighing the powder, cement, mineral powder, fly ash, etc.. The same is through the control system for accurate proportioning, weighing, high accuracy.
Liquid weighing, commonly used in water and external additives weighing.

HZS75 Self Loading Batching Plant Measuring System Concrete Plant Measuring System