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Maintenance Levels of Wet Batch Plant Cement Tank


The maintenance level of cement tank refers to operation and maintenance of the cement tank before and after the operation and operation process of wet batch plant. The professional maintaince operator should perform the task. The content of the maintenance focus on checking, to check precipitator ash spray and material level meter display is accurate or not, the leg has no deformation, screw conveyor is moving on normally. Centering with the cement tank lubrication system and fastening, maintenance should check fastening external connections, and to prolong the lubricating oil in accordance with the requirements, filter cleaning or replacement of the filter element and others.
Through different levels of maintenance of wet batch plant cement tank, it will be very good to ensure the maintenance of the chip type cement tank. During the maintenance of the cement tank, our operator must conduct a comprehensive screening and inspection. A comprehensive maintenance will make the role of chip cement tank to work on to the extreme.

Maintenance Levels of Wet Batch Plant Cement Tank small batching plant