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Self Checking Method for Weighing System of Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant


HZS Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant is controlled by microcomputer control, which can be operated automatically, which has high accuracy weighing system. Because of dismantling, relocation and other reasons of Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant, which will affect the accuracy of weighing system. Or by replacing a weighing sensor and the computer A/D board, which will destroy the original weighing system matching. For these reasons, we should check and correct the weighing system.
The weighing system of Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant includes 4 parts: aggregate weighing system, cement weighing system, water weighing system, additives weighing system, cement weighing system, and water weighing system. The measurement of additives was divided into A, B two control parts. The whole weighing system can be divided into 7 parts: they are aggregate measurement; cement measurement, water and additives measurement. Each measuring part of Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant can be provided with 2 adjusting potentiometers, one is used as an adjusting pocket, and the other is used for adjusting sensitivity (labels are respectively affixed). The fourth part of the Stationary Mixed Concrete Plant on the W231 and W232 potentiometer are used as the zero adjustment and sensitivity adjustment for aggregate.

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