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Self loading mixer truck suppliers


China self loading mixer truck suppliers can offer high quality self loading concrete mixer truck with capacity of 1.2-6.5 cubic meter with low cost. The self loading mixer truck is a highly automatic mechanical equipment, which integrates automatic loading, mixing and high-pressure pumping. This series of deep and heavy processes do not need manual participation, which is very suitable for the needs of rural housing construction on the basis of provincial labor. Which not only has good quality but also is effective in mixing concrete, meet with the requirements of high quality and high efficiency of rural housing.

self loading mixer truck suppliers self loading mixer truck supplier

Haomei is one of the famous self loading mixer truck suppliers in China, we do not only supply high efficiency self loading concrete mixer truck, but also have great after sale service. The features of self loading mixer truck offered by Haomei are:
1. Simple operation and safety:
The operation of the self loading concrete mixer truck is simple, the operator can in charge of the production task after free training , which is safe and reliable;
2. Small size, fast movement:
The self-loading mixer truck can arrive at the construction site by clock, and the covering area is small;
3. Few construction personnel are needed and labor is saved:
The self loading mixing truck only needs one person to start the equipment. At least half of the staff can be saved.
4. Mixing concrete on site, saving cost:
The self loading mixer truck suppliers has developed the product to mixing on site, transporting on site, saving a lot of cost.