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Skip concrete batching plant


The space required for skip concrete batching plant is small, which can save up to one-half to two-thirds of the land occupation area compared with the belt concrete batching plant. While the mixing capacity of skip hopper concrete batching plant is about 25-60m3/h, so the model of skip hopper type concrete batching plant are mainly small and middle size concrete batching plant. The cost to set up a skip type concrete batching plant is lower than that of belt type concrete batching plant.
skip concrete batching plant skip concrete batching plants

How to choose a good quality concrete batching plant?
First, look at the quality.
The price positioning of the concrete batching plant manufacturers is naturally different. The fundamental factor that affects quality is the selection of materials. The cost of selecting materials is very different. There are also some spare parts, unknown small concrete batching plant manufacturers and brand parts can be several times different. The quality of the concrete bathing plant for the selection of high-quality materials must be high, and the price of the mixing station for the low-quality materials will naturally be low.

Second, look at the brand.
Everyone knows the brand effect. Some well-established skip concrete batching plant manufacturers, such as Haomei, have the same quality of concret emixing plant equipment, reasonable prices, and worth choosing.

Third, after sales.
The completion level of the after-sales service of the skip concrete batching plant manufacturer. No matter what kind of equipment is used for a long time, some problems will occur. If the after-sales is perfect, the price of the concrete mixing plant equipment will be higher because these costs will Included. If there is no after-sales service, the price will definitely be much lower.