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Stationary concrete mixing plant factory - Haomei


As a stationary concrete mixing plant factory in China, Haomei have found that there are the questions that customer often ask, such as what is production capacity of concrete mixing station? Is there any relationship between production capacity and configuration? What is the price of the stationary concrete mixing plant? In fact, the specific configuration required by each customer is different, so Haomei will help the buyers to choose customized equipment, the configuration is not copied. Today, let us see how the capacity of the concrete mixing plant is calculated.

stationary concrete mixing plant factory stationary concrete mixing plants factory

1: Calculate the production capacity of concrete mixing plant
Take HZS concrete mixing plant production lines as an example to calculate:
The theoretical value production calculation: (120m3/h×24h /day×365 day / year)=1051200 m3/ year)
The actual value production calculation: About 200,000 cubic meters (the actual production capacity of the stationary concrete mixing plant is affected by many factors, real estate aggregate reserves, auxiliary material reserves, equipment maintenance, staffing, sales capacity, transportation capacity, capital operation, etc., the actual value is different everywhere).
2: Calculation of the production capacity of the concrete mixer
The productivity Q of the concrete mixer is calculated as follows: Q=3.6VK/t1t2t3(m3/h) Where t1, t2, t3 respectively stands for charging, stirring, unloading time (S), V stands for the discharge capacity of the concrete mixer, K stands for the utilization factor for each cycle of working time.

So the stationary concrete mixing plant factory will recommend the most suitable model of concrete mixing plant for your project or enterprise, for ensure the productivity and capacity can meet the requirements and save your cost.