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The Importance of Safety Production for Wet Type Batching Plant


2016 is the explosion year of smart phones! Samsung Note7 explosion! Followed by Apple's mobile phone explosion! Safe production and use of smart phones is causing the widespread concern.
For the construction industry, safe production and use of wet type batching plant is also very important issue. To select a high safety and efficiency wet type batching plant is a vital issue which every construction company should carefully consider about.
Zhengzhou Hao Mei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. combined with many years of experience in concrete mixing plant production, we summarized those tips as follows:
First, carry out safety education
Second, pay attention to electrical safety, electrical staff must undergo safety training
Third, the anti-dust treatment, most of the cylindrical filter will filter dust emissions
Fourth, concrete transport safety, the concrete tanker in the transport process, the social vehicle should be avoided the construction site in the driving safety.

Wet Type Batching Plant