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HB trailer concrete pumps for sale


HB trailer concrete pumps for sale is a kind of concrete pump used in the construction projects and greatly improves the concrete conveying efficiency. It can not only carry out on-site mixing, but also transport concrete, so it is well received by the majority of construction parties. During the construction process, it can save a lot of money for the construction party because it plays the role of concrete mixing and pumping, so it is used in the construction site quite a lot.

trailer concrete pumps for sale trailer concrete pump for sale

So how do people maintain the trailer concrete pump after using it? Specifically, it can be done from the following aspects:
1, clean up work
After the trailer concrete pump is used, it must be cleaned. Before stopping the machine, a certain amount of stones and water must be put in. Turn the mixing drum for 5-10 minutes, then release it to eliminate the accumulation in the mixing drum. If there is dust, the body and outer casing must be washed.
2. Resettlement work
After the concrete trailer pump is used, it should be noted that the hopper is placed in the transport position and the bucket is hooked. Remember that the material cannot be stored in the hopper. At the same time, the power should be cut off and the electrical control box should be locked.
3, special maintenance work
During the freezing season, care should be taken to keep the water stored in the water supply system clean to avoid freezing the parts of HB trailer concrete pumps for sale, if appropriate, inject the necessary lubricating oil into each lubrication point.