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China wet mix concrete batch plant factory


As a china wet mix concrete batch plant factory, Haomei has find that the cement silos in the concrete production line are almost 100 Tons, other volume like 50 Tons, 150 Tons are seldom. Why does the cement silos are indispensable in concrete production? Why does the 100 Ton bulk cement silo is welcomed on the market?

wet mix concrete batch plant factory wet mix concrete batch plant

The cement silos in the mixing plant production line have some characteristics as follows:
1. Small size cement silos can not meet the needs
Concrete manufacturers need to complete a large amount of concrete production by wet mix concrete batch plant, and need to prepare sufficient cement to ensure that production is not affected. Cement silos with too small capacity are not conducive to cement reserves, which will increase the frequency of procurement and transportation, and increase transportation costs. Moreover, the purchase price of cement will also fluctuate with the market and may also increase the cost of cement procurement.
2. Too large bulk cement silos will bring some inconvenience to transportation
Cement silos with too large capacity models will increase in height or diameter, which will cause a certain degree of trouble for transportation, installation and maintenance, and the cost has also increased.
3. Avoid the risk of raw material storage
Cement is an important raw material for wet mix concrete batch plant. If a large-capacity cement tank is directly selected, once a warehouse explosion occurs or returns to moisture, it directly affects the quality of cement raw materials, thereby affecting production and causing direct economic losses.

In summary, the general wet mix concrete batch plant factory equipment production line will choose a convenient transport 100 tons of bulk cement silos. Whether it is to meet the dosage, transportation, or the risk of raw material storage, it has big advantages.