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What are the Shaft End Seal of Small Concrete Mixer Including


As the core of concrete batching plant, small concrete mixer plays an important role in the whole construction machine. Advanced technology will guarantee the high quality of concrete mixer. Twin shaft end seal technology is the core of concrete mixer design.
What are the shaft end seal including? Sicoma small concrete mixer shaft end seal including Head protection ring A, Head protection ring B, dust-proof ring, sealing plate, the new head protective ring B, locking steel frame, axle housing (One) (two), head cover, new head protection ring B, steel jacket, blue glue, seal 1,2,3, shaft sealing cover, new head protection ring A, a lock shaft, sealing ring, bearing,etc.
Each layer adopt the high technology and advanced seal design to guarantee the shaft end seal in case of Concrete Material leakage. Each part plays an important impact on the efficiency and duration of concrete mixer. As the professional manufacturer of small concrete mixer, we focus on the high quality concrete mixer. As important as the shaft end seal design, we insist on the high technology design and keep up with the international concrete mixer.

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