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Working Process of Cement Silo of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


The chip type cement silo features cylindrical structure, and the whole body is supported by the bottom which is supported by the four round pipe, the whole warehouse is welded with steel structure, and the top is provided with a dust remover and a pressure safety valve.
1, when the chip type cement silo of stationary concrete batching plant for sale works, this cement silo must be set up by the special crane machine, and then put on the basis of precast concrete and check the verticality when the cement silo erected after and the horizontal plane, then welded the base and foundation parts firmly.
2, when the storage hopper is fixed, cement truck can transport cement to the site, then connect the bulk cement truck transportation pipeline with a chip cement silo inlet pipeline.
3, In the process of cement delivery, operation personnel must press filter vibration motor button continuously, in order to shake off the attachment in bag dust collector of cement and prevent explosion occurred of blocked bag.
4, Once blocked bag of solenoid valve bin batching plant, cabin pressure exceeds the top of silo pressure safety valve safety pressure, pressure safety valve can be opened to release the pressure in the bin, to prevent explosion accident occurred.
5, Through the high and low level data, can be observed in the warehouse to ensure if it is lack of material.
6, When need to release the material, firstly to open the cone at the bottom of the manual unloading valve, and then through the cement conveying device will deliver the cement . In the process of discharge, if there is "arch camber"phenomenon time, pressing the broken arch button device electromagnetic valve, blowing, eliminate the" arch "for feeding, to ensure the smooth flow of the supply of cement.
7, When the cement conveying device failure, firstly to close the cone at the bottom of the manual unloading valve, to prevent cement spills, resulting in waste.

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