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LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant


    Capability (standard conditions): 90t/h


    The mixer rated mix capacity:1100kg/batch


    Oil consumption(standard conditions): 6.5kg/t


    Operation mode: automatism control, Semi-automatism control and manual control

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LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant:

I、Cold aggregate supply system Consists of Four aggregate hoppers and four belt feeders, Aggregate belt conveyor. The tilted belt feeding conveyor, Middle filter

2.Drying drum features Outside the drying drum is covered with a 50mm heat preservation structure, Inside the drying drum fixing up diversified blades used for lifting aggregate, it should be easy to exchange heat between the flame and the aggregate, the drying drum is driven by four friction wheels,universal joint, smoothly and evenly drive.

3. Oil burning system is composed of a set of China diesel oil burner (automatic control); the diesel tank will be supplied by client, a set of oil pipes;

4.Hot aggregate elevator features Combined type discharging; feed inlet and discharge outlet are

made by special structure to reduce abrasion and noises.

5. Wet dust catcher system is composed of Gravity dust catcher, A set of six-drum cyclone dust catcher, a set of water dust catcher, Three screw conveyors make up of dust recycling system. .

6.Mixer tower assembly(1) The vibrating screen with four layers. (single shaft outside) (2) Hot material bins (3) Weighing bins including aggregate weighing hopper, Filler weighing hopper, Asphalt weighing hopper, Mixer Characteristic:

Asphalt spraying system Characteristic: Spray asphalt quickly and evenly by pressure, good for shortening the mixing time and enhancing the output.

7.Filler supply system Components (1) Filler elevator: (2) filler temporarily storage silo (3) One screw conveyors

8. Asphalt supply system

9.Pneumatic system Components: A set of air compressor, cylinder, simple air compressor room,electromagnetic valve and pneumatic pipeline, air cylinder and electromagnetic valve;

10.Electric control system (1) Control house (2) Electric control part

Specification Unit Value

Productivity (under standard conditions)

t/h 60

Oil Consumption (under standard conditions)



Mixer Rated Mix Capacity kg/batch 700

Operation Mode


automatism control, Semi-automatism control and manual control

Hot Mixture Discharge Temperature

℃(common asphalt) 130~160

Figure dimension


(length×width ×height): 32×27×16

Total installed power

kw 231.95

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