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Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant In Philippines


Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant adopts compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer, linings and mixing blades which is made of high quality hardness wear-resistant chromium; Shaft seal for sealing automatic lubrication system, not only can effectively prevent the intrusion of mortar, and using the oil reaches a minimum; Discharge doors of Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant, can be effectively prevented due to insufficient gas pressure leaving the door difficult to open the discharge phenomenon; All of these structures are greatly improved reliability stirred host. The control systems are well-known imported, to ensure high reliability. Powder warehouse tapered section broken arch device manufacturers more than any other set, which can effectively prevent cement bagging..High stirring ability, good mixing quality, high productivity, long life, high reliability, a variety of concrete in line with national standards of plastic, semi-rigid, dry hard and so be able to complete a good stir.

Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant In Philippinesready mixed concrete batching plant