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HM12-D Concrete Mixer Truck


    Mixer Capacity: 12m3


    Tank Volume: 17.93m3


    Feeding Speed: ≥3.5m³/min


    Discharging Speed: ≥3m³/min

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1. The Description of HM12-D Concrete Truck Mixer:

Power, economy and reliability of a variety of strong chassis, to meet the construction site in the harsh road conditions.

1. High-performance mixing system: Simplified three segments is pear-shaped and its main blade according to spiral toward the cylinder which is designed to vary in different sections of the helix angle, pitch angle and lead angle up and remove the blade stirring blades and the cylinder walls at the corners and the connection of variable pitch.

2. The perfect washing system: Large capacity water tank and efficient way round pressure water cleaning.

3. Flexible control system: by type and mechanical shafts, main control reversing the mixing tube and speed of the mixing tube.

4. The strong power systems: closed loop, using all parts of the world-renowned brands.

2. The Features of HM12-D Concrete Truck Mixer

1. Concrete homogeneous good

2. The residual rate is far below the industry standard

3. Its simplified and blades made of high quality wear-resistant steel.

Specification Unit Value

Mixing Capacity

m3 12

Tank Volume

m3 17.93

Feeding Speed



Discharging Speed

m³/min ≥3

Residual Ratio of Discharging



Water Supply System


Air pressure

Water Tank Volume

L 400

Overall Dimension



Chassis Model





φ430 Monolithic dry type

 Min Ground Clearance

 mm  245

 Max Speed

 km/h  86

 Engine Max Output Power

 kw  340

 Emission Standard

 mm  Euro Ⅲ

Rated Load

 kg  15000

Overall Weight

kg 25000


mm  3225+1350


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