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JS4000 Concrete Mixer


    Mixer Capacity: 4.0m3


    Discharging Volume: 4000L


    Charging Volume: 6000L


    Aggregate size: 80/150mm

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The Description of JS4000 Concrete Mixer:

1, The main parts of mixing console adopt domestic and foreign advanced manufacturers, professional skills, assembler, tight assembly process, to ensure about the performance excellence of JS4000 concrete mixer.

2, The reducer and motor equipped with a professional manufacturers of high-performance products

3, The shaft bearings made of high quality ductile iron castings, to further improve the impact resistance of the product

4, The use of advanced hydraulic system discharge opening and closing doors facilitate perfusion mixer, in the case of sudden power outages which can also be opened to use a manual pump discharge valve for emergency discharge.

5, The hole and end of concrete mixer tank body were a fixture precision machining, to ensure concerntricity stirring shaft ends and the stirring more evenly to keep longer life.

6, Automatic lubrication system, which uses four pumps to ensure a balanced oil pressure of each axis head, running smooth and improve the effectiveness and shaft seal life to achieve the least fuel consumption.

Specification Unit Value
Discharging Volume  L  4000
Charging Volume  L  6000

 Mixing Capacity

 m3  4

 Aggregate Size

 mm  80/150

 Working Circle

 sec  30

 Mixer Motor Power

 kw  75





 mm  4670x2600x2200


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