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The develop trend of asphalt mixing plant


The hottest develop trend of asphalt mixing plant is energy saving, environmental protection and recycling. With the requirement for environmental protection, low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving is the recently development goals, the control of equipment noise, dust emission, harmful gas (asphalt smoke) emissions, energy saving and energy consumption is more and more strict, the requirements on the technical development of asphalt mixing plant is higher.

asphalt mixing plantasphalt mixing plants

On the other hand, development of asphalt mixing recycling plant, collect the old asphalt pavement mixture for recycling, heating, crushing, sieving, and re-mixing with regeneration agent, new asphalt, aggregate in a certain proportion into the new mixture, re-laying on the road. This method not only can save a lot of asphalt, gravel and other raw materials, but also benefit for deal with the waste to protect the environment. In the future, energy saving, environmental protection, recycling products will be widely used, and even gradually replace the general model products. At present, most advanced asphalt mixing plant manufacturing enterprises have advocated and application of technological innovation for the field of energy saving and emission reduction. And the product of asphalt mixing plant has also made a qualitative leap in energy consumption and environmental protection.