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Double Helical Ribbon Concrete Mixer


The stirring blades in the mixing system of Double Helical Ribbon Concrete Mixer are arranged in a spiral shape, which will form a continuous external screw feed. The stirring time is short, and the efficiency of Double Helical Ribbon Concrete Mixer is greatly improved.
Double ribbon mixing blade, the spiral mixing blades can form double helical surface and two shafts rotate in opposite directions;The stirring force produced by the blade drive the mixing so that the material in the intense radial motion at the same time.
The double helix structure of the blade and the unique design of the blade shape can reduce the resistance of the sand to the blade and the liner. In the regular maintenance, the blade life can be more than 50000 cans.The stirring blade and the stirring arm are fixed by bolts can be conveniently adjusted to the space between the stirring blade and the barrel body to prolong the service life of the blade.

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