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The Introduction of Trailer Concrete Pump


1. Motor: the motor of trailer concrete pump usually adopts the diesel or electrical motor as the power source of the whole trailer concrete pump. Engine power and the selection of the main oil pump must be matched reasonably in order to maximize the efficiency of the trailer concrete pump. Based on the principles, to adopt the computer simulation to calculate the working condition, under the constant power curve given by the computer. Makes the relationship between the system pressure and the pump displacement reasonable. The current mainstream trailer concrete pump adopts German DEUTZ., which has the advantages of strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise and low emission.
2. Main oil pump: Main oil pump is an axial piston variable pump, the output power and driving speed and pump displacement is proportional, which can change from the maximum to zero with constant power control, cut off pressure and electric proportional flow control function. The oil pump of trailer concrete pump features strong and powerful, high reliability, high service life; In order to achieve the purpose of constant power, controlled by PLC, which can easily adjust the output of the main oil pump, which is exactly the required displacement of trailer concrete pump, matched with the actual working conditions, so as to ensure the optimal output power of motor or diesel engine.

The Introduction of Trailer Concrete Pump Trailer Concrete Pump
The Introduction of Trailer Concrete Pump Trailer Concrete Pump