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JS1000 Electric Portable Concrete Mixer


JS1000 electric portable concrete mixer is a twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which features heavy-duty design, high yield, durable and reliable performance.
1 Mixing device:
The axial and radial mixing arms are streamlined, in stirring process, axial and radial mixing arms plays on the role of radial cutting and axial promoting effect. Mixing aggregate deep in a short time to reach the homogeneous state of concrete and to improve the utilization rate of cement.
2. Delivery device:
The utility reducer driving has the advantages of compact structure, stable transmission, low noise and long service life.
3 Automatic grease lubrication system:
All lubrication points are lubricated by the electric grease pump through the progressive distributor, high grease pressure, large viscosity, and low power consumption.
4 Hydraulic unloading device:
The Hydraulic unloading device avoids the phenomenon that the pneumatic unloading can not open the discharge door due to air pressure, and a manual door opening device is arranged. In ermergency, opening the discharging door by the manual uploading.

JS1000 Electric Portable Concrete Mixerconcrete mixer electric