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Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant


    Model: LBY series


    Capacity: 80-160t/h


    Mixing Cycle: 45s


    Container Volume: 60-110t

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Haomei Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant has accurate weighting and even mixing, for asphalt mixture production with stable production and low emissions of dust and noise. It is easy to install and dismantle, with a short transportation period. This kind of mobile asphalt plant is easy to install and move from one site to another site, without the limitation of the construction sites.

With professional design and good performance, the Haomei portable asphalt plant enjoys a good reputation, it can ensure the stable quality of asphalt mixtures. Mobile hot mix plant undergoes mixing in positive rotating, and it discharges materials by reversely rotating, which make the asphalt mixing plant mobile easy to handle and operate.

Components of portable asphalt plant for sale
1. Cold aggregate supply system of asphalt mobile plant. Cold aggregate usually is break stone;
2. Tilted belt feeding conveyor of mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale. It is used to lift the cold aggregates to the drying system;
3. Drying drum. In the drying drum, the cold aggregates will be heated and dried;
4. Burning system. It exists in the drying drum and is to heat and dry the cold aggregates;
5. Hot aggregate elevator. It is a lifting system used to lift the hot aggregates to the next system;
6. Vibrating screen. The hot aggregates are sent to the vibrating screen through the hot aggregate elevator. And vibrating screen begins to screen the aggregates according to different diameters of the aggregates;
7. Storage warehouse. It is applied to store the proportioned hot aggregates;
8. Filler supply system. It is to store the mineral powder, such as sand;
9. Dust collecting system. In the process of heating and drying the cold aggregates, there will be some dusts produced, so this part is to do dust removal and send the dusts to the recycling powder storehouse;
10. Asphalt supply system. Offer the asphalt;
11. Mixing tower;
12. Pneumatic control system;
13. Electric control system. Control the whole working process;
14.Finished product storage bin. It is used to store the asphalt mixture.










Coverall Power

Fuel Oil



Fuel Coal



Aggregate Batcher




Storage Volume(T)




Finished Asphalt Storage Bin




Motor power(KW)




Weighing Accuracy(100%)













Asphalt Temperature


Fuel Consumption

Fuel Oil:5-7.5kg/t; Fuel Coal:13-15kg/t

Optional Components

Water dust collector, Bag-house dust, collector, Control room, Bitumen heating tank

Characteristics and advantages of LBY mobile asphalt plant for sale are:
1. Modular design makes it more rapid and convenient to move;
2. Special design in mixing blades, with the special driving force, the operation of the mixing drum is more reliable and effective;
3. We adopt imported vibration motor to drive the vibrating griddle, which improves the efficiency and reduces the fault of rate;
4. Cloth-sack-type dust removal is in the oven-dried condition, it is equipped on the top of the mixing drum, which reduces the heat loss and saves the space and fuel;
5. The bottom structure of the stock bin is opposite, which reduces land occupation, cancels the lifting space of small lanes of finished materials and reduces the fault of rate;
6. Aggregate lifting adopts double row plate, which prolongs the service life of the elevator and enhances the stability of the function;
7. Adopt dual machine of fully automatic control computer or manual control with the automatic fault diagnosis procedure. The operation is safe and easy.

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