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Asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer


Haomei is a industry leading asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer in China, we supply 40-400ton/h drum mix asphalt plant. The drum mix asphalt plant integrate the drying drum drying, heating and stirring in one drum, there is no mixer device. In this method, the heat loss is small, the internal structure is optimized, the heating speed is fast, and the stirring effect is good. The features of Haomei drum type asphalt mixing plant are compact structure, small footprint, and can be used in places with narrow spaces; modular structure, easy to install, transport and relocate; The grading bucket is equipped with a load cell and a motor with a frequency converter, which can be controlled remotely and the cold aggregate ratio is accurate; Low initial investment and high cost performance.

asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer asphalt drum mix plant

The drying system and mixing system for drum mix asphalt plant are:
1, The drying drum is equipped with support rollers, support wheels, drive roller, anti-offset wheels, cylinder and copy board. The dry support rolling ring and the support wheel support the drying drum, and the motor with the reducer rotates to drive the rolling ring, thereby driving the drum to rotate stably and evenly.
2, After the cold aggregate enters the drying drum, the copy board will carry it to the apex and then drop to form a curtain. The flame of the burner will pass through the curtain to heat the cold aggregate and remove moisture;
3, Drying drum with insulation layer to reduce heat loss, save fuel and save money.

The control system of asphalt drum mix plant
1, Adopts PLC control system, which is easy to control;
2, The control system adopts manual and semi-automatic control, with high degree of automation, saving manpower and operating costs;
3, The main motor current value and frequency value, finished material and cold aggregate temperature are arranged on the operation table; the operation is convenient and intuitive.

The dust removal system for asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer
1, The dust removal effect is better, the dust emission is small, and it is more environmentally friendly;
2, Kinds of dust removal methods for customers to choose freely.