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Measurement system notes of asphalt mixing plant for sale


The experienced operator should be familiar with the measurement system of asphalt mixing plant for sale and its working principle, on this basis, strictly control the various production details, especially the measurement system, because the measurement working conditions directly affect the asphalt mixture technical indicators. The measurement system of asphalt mixing plant composed of stone material measurement system, powder measurement system and asphalt measurement system.

asphalt mixing plant for sale asphalt mixing plant

For the stone measurement system, it should be noted that:
1. Keep the discharge gate, open and close the action flexible and rapid.
2. Keep the discharge gate open and no sediment to ensure that the stone can quickly and evenly shed when the measuring.
3. The discharge door should be closed in a timely and sealed well, after finish the measurement of materials, there should be no leakage material phenomenon.
4. Around the aggregate weighing bucket should keep clean and no foreign matter to ensure that the aggregate measurement in fully suspended state.
5. The preload of aggregate load cell should be balanced, the force to be consistent and sensitive.
For powder metering system, should note:
1. Keep the powder conveyor pipe flow, blocking phenomenon id forbidden.
2. The feeder or valve should be sealed strictly, at the end of measurement no powder leaked.
3. Often remove the dust and debris on the powder metering bucket to keep it clean.
4. The entire measurement system should be sealed well to prevent powder from damp caking.
5. The material discharging should be completely, there must be no residual powder, the unloading door closed tight.
For the asphalt metering system we should note:
1. Before starting production, the pipe heating should be sufficient to ensure that the asphalt temperature reaches specified value.
2. Asphalt spray pipe should be clean and smooth, the nozzle part should not be blocked, otherwise the spray is uneven and affecting the mixing effect.
3. Asphalt spray pump or valve should be closed tightly to ensure that there is no drip phenomenon after spray.
4. Asphalt metering valve action should be accurate and timely and sealed well, asphalt metering bucket suspension should be strong and flexible.

For the entire measurement system of the asphalt mixing plant for sale, the operator should check frequently. Check whether the measurement is completely in suspension state, whether there is jamming phenomenon or not, check whether the work of load cell is normal and sensitive. If there is problem, it should be resolved in time to ensure that the measurement system is always in good working condition.