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Asphalt mixing plant manufacturer Haomei China


Haomei is a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in China, the capacity of Haomei asphalt plant is 40-400 ton/hr, both stationary type and mobile type. We do not only supply high quality asphalt mixing plant equipment, at the same time, Haomei will give our customers professional advice on daily operation and maintenance. Usually, we will give the tips of “Three diligences ” and ”Three inspections” to our clients.

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Asphalt mixing plant equipment is an electromechanical integrated equipment, which is more complicated and has a harsh working environment. To make the equipment less faulty, the crew must do “three diligences”: diligent inspection, diligent maintenance and diligent maintenance. “Three inspections”: equipment inspection before start-up, inspection during operation, inspection after shutdown. Do a good job in asphalt mixing plant equipment maintenance and regular maintenance work, do a good job of cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion, ensure utilization.

Do routine maintenance work and carry out maintenance in strict accordance with equipment maintenance requirements. During the production period, the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer suggest to watch and listen, if you find abnormal conditions, you should stop the equipment and do repair and maintenance work. Maintenance and commissioning work is strictly prohibited when the equipment is in operation. Special personnel should be monitored for key parts. Reserve the consumable parts and study the cause of the damage. Carefully fill in the operation records, mainly record what happened, how to analyze and how to prevent it. The operation record has good reference value as first-hand information. The troubleshooting during production should be calm. As long as you master the rules and patiently think, the fault can be solved quickly.