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The factors that affect the batching plant cost


The HZS concrete batching plant cost is affected by the configuration, the degree of equipment technology and the service life of equipment components. In Haomei Machinery, the concrete batching plant HZS25-240 selected JS double-shaft forced concrete mixer, the equipment bearing is selected in famous brand, the shaft end sealing technology eliminates the problem of slurry leakage. The lining blades are made of high-chromium alloy and have a service life of 3-4 times that of ordinary blades. In addition to the concrete mixing machine, the frame of the batching plant is the H steel leg. The core component of the control system is the imported Schneider component. The system is more stable, and the mixing efficiency and quality are better.

batching plant cost cost of batching plant

In recent years, people pay more attention on the environmental protection, so the development of concrete batching plant is also forward this trend. For the environmental protection of the batching plant, precise environmental protection equipment is required, and various advanced equipment such as dust removal facilities and water treatment facilities are required. Some of these environmental protection equipments can achieve high precision, and some are only technically up to standard, and finally the overall environmental protection of the equipment effect is different. In terms of dust removal, the use of ion dust removal can almost completely form the cement dust collection and collection device to achieve dust and recovery. It not only plays a role in the control of environmental air pollution, but also rationally recovers and re-uses the previously defined unrecoverable dust. This will increase the batching plant cost, but the long-term profit and environment for the equipment friendliness has a very good effect.