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The importance of the dust removal system in china concrete plant


The equipment of china concrete plant has been developed rapidly in recent years. Because of its efficient production, the china concrete mixing plant is accepted by more and more construction projects, and for better serve to production and construction, the installation of dust removal system for concrete mixing plant is necessary.

china concrete plant china concrete mixing plant

The specific method for reduce the dust pollution of the concrete plant are add supporting dust removal system on top of the cement silos, build the concrete mixing plant equipment completely closed, and add bag back blowing deduster on the inlet and outlet of the concrete mixer. After adding the dust removal system on the the concrete mixing plant, it will not appear the "ash" phenomenon, and use anti static needle felt filter material are used to remove the dust, this method is easy to clean dust, and the efficiency of dust removal is more than 99.5%. The dusting cloth bag used in the duster is of good quality, not easy to be damaged and durable. The china concrete plant adopts the high pressure pulse back blowing dust cleaning system, and the material remains completely removed, so that the concrete mixing plant can effectively ensure the sustainable and effective production of environmental protection.

It is necessary to install the dust removal equipment in the china concrete plant now, and in the future, the dust removal equipment must be installed before the concrete mixing plant before put into production. This will be a compulsory measure consider to the environmental protection.