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China mobile concrete batching plant factory


China mobile concrete batching plant factory supply YHZS series portable mobile concrete plant to choose for some small and medium-sized projects or maintenance projects with inconvenient transportation and narrow roads. At present, the mobile concrete batching plant becomes a new trend on the market of concrete mixing equipment. What are the characteristics do the mobile portable concrete batching plant have?

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First, the application area of the mobile concrete batching plant
Most of the mobile concrete batching plants belong to small and medium-sized engineering projects, so many plans are designed to meet the needs of the project. Unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded to meet the needs of customers, it can produce concrete quality standards that meet engineering requirements. According to the current production status and social needs, there are no commercial concrete batching plants in towns and other traffic-developed areas and remote areas, but there will still be construction construction needs, and most of them are small quantity demand. Old-fashioned on-site mixing will polluting environment covers the land, so they were gradually eliminated basically. As a necessary equipment for construction, mobile concrete batching plants have become a better choice.

Second, the advantages of portable concrete batching plant
The mobile concrete mixing plant model is relatively small compared to the commercial concrete mixing plant, but its production standard is the same as that of the commercial concrete mixing station, which can achieve the production of high-grade concrete. Because china mobile concrete batching plant factory use fully automatic control system with and storage functions, it can improve work efficiency and facilitate the query of daily recording records. At the same time, due to the movable characteristics of the equipment, it can be moved to other places soon after the completion of the production and construction project. It not only reduces the transportation cost of finished products, but also realizes on-site construction in time, so it is a good on-site mixing equipment at this stage. Because of the mobile characteristics, it also reduces site construction investment costs, and increases production profit.