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How to ensure the normal production of concrete batch plant in winter


With the temperature decreasing recently, the cold weather has coming in China, we people can wear thin clothes to keep warm, while how about the concrete batch plant? The answer is it also need to defeat the cold, if we do not do some measurement of keep warm, the production will be impact and decreased, seriously, the producing can be stopped! So, in the winter cold weather, we need to pay strict attention to the maintenance, all the details should be protected in place to ensure the normal production of concrete mixing plant.

concrete batch plantconcrete batch plants

The maintenance of concrete batch plant in winter weather is not simply as we thought, warp thin protection layer is not enough, we need to do a series of systematic protection from all aspects. Firstly is the sufficient filling of lubricant, as the temperature in cold winter is very low, so the friction of various parts is increased greatly, thus we must add sufficient lubricant enough to reduce friction. Besides is to avoid freezing of concrete mixing plant caused by the low temperature, we must note that if we finish the production work, the water in the tube must be drained, if the concrete batch plant has a globe valve, you need to take care to drain the water at globe valve to avoid freezing ice on the remaining water. In winter, in order to ensure the normal flow of water in the water pipe, in addition to adding protective measures to the pipeline, it is necessary to thicken the thickness of the insulated pipe and to provide better thermal insulation for the pipeline. The maintenance staff should also check the water supply pipe joints to see whether there is residual water or not, if there is water, discharge it clean timely. If there are other special reasons during the winter season, such as the water pump is freezing, and the blades are blocked, result in the motor stop rotating, at this moment we must immediately turn off the main power supply, pour hot water or some other method to melt the icing place to ensure the normal rotation of the motor, any artificial to turn the stirring blade is forbidden because it will damage the equipment.