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Concrete batching plant business for sale


Concrete batching plant business for sale are often used for large-scale concrete construction, with long construction cycles and large-scale construction sites. Because the concrete batching plant is a combined device for concrete mixing, the site layout is particularly important, and various systems need to be assembled scientifically. If the installation site is restricted, this will cause the concrete mixing plant to fail to properly complete the system assembly. It is also necessary to consider whether it is convenient to transport and convey the materials during the operation of the concrete batching plant equipment. Only a reasonable site layout can ensure the progress of the project.

concrete batch plant business for sale concrete batch plant for sale

So, what should be paid attention to when making foundation for concrete batching plant?
1. The concrete batching plant can be flexibly arranged according to the actual situation of the construction site. Before installation, however, the site should be horizontal, complete, and compressed. At the same time, according to the large sample position (the large sample should be kept until the equipment is installed), the support base of each component is prepared in advance, and the mixed material storage box and powder are prepared. The concrete abutment of the material supply system shall retain the secondary grouting holes of the anchor bolts.
2. The installation base of the concrete batching plant equipment should be selected in the open area to shorten the loading cycle of the loader. At the same time, it can also ensure the convenient, smooth and interference-free steering of the concrete mixer trucks.
3. When prefabricating the foundation, it is necessary to ensure the flatness and various size requirements, so that the concrete batching plant business for sale is installed firmly and the connection is reasonable. Because the quality of the foundation will affect the normal operation and quality of the equipment.
4. In order to facilitate loading of the loader, the loading pier should be set on the loading side of the batching device, and the inspection channels should be freely accessible between the batching devices to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations. At the same time, a protective fence should be set up between the loading and unloading pier and the batching device to prevent the normal operation of the concrete mixing belt conveyor belt from being adversely affected by the material piled up by the loader.