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Period maintenance of concrete mixer trucks for sale


Sand and gravel are the major components of concrete, they make the concrete mixer trucks for sale tank and discharge port serious wear and tear during work. In general, the service life of concrete mixer truck which made of steel alloy is 50,000-80,000 cubic meters. Stir blades in concrete mixer truck have a lifespan of only 30,000 to 40,000 cubic meters. Generally concrete mixer trucks which with manganese and boron wear-resistant steel, wear-resistant materials reinforcement in the easy wear-resistant parts, the life can be doubled. It can be seen, using different materials, their working life is very different. After purchase a concrete mixer truck, the best way to lengthen the using life is by maintenance, so what aspects we should do?

concrete mixer trucks for saleconcrete mixer trucks

1, new car maintenance, also known as trial operation maintenance. The new concrete mixer truck or overhaul vehicle need commission, after commission is completed, it is necessary to maintain the vehicle. The main contents are: cleaning lubrication system, replace the lubricate oil, tighten the cylinder nut according to the rules, adjust the fasten condition of drive belt, operating organization, valve clearance and the fasteners.
2, shift maintenance, also known as daily maintenance. Vehicles should be cleaned and viewed after each class (day) operation. If found the lack of lubricate oil and cooling water, the workers should add.
3, regular maintenance, also known as curing in accordance with the rules, the so-called skills conservation. Each maintenance cycle, the driver should be completed on time and seriously.
4, quarter maintenance, which is seasonal maintenance before the winter or summer. The intention is to make the vehicle work habits to deal with the changing needs.