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.Prime quality concrete mixing plant cost


The concrete mixing plant cost with prime quality will not be too low on the market, the cost is related with the models and configuration directly. Thus, when we are going to purchase concrete mixing plant, we should make sure the model and configuration of the concrete batching plant first. How can we choose a concrete mixing plant that suitable for our demands? There are three aspects to consider when choosing a concrete mixing plant.

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1. The demand for concrete
The demand for concrete is required by the user to conduct field inspections. Therefore, before selecting a concrete mixing plant, a detailed plan must be made, including research and analysis, equipment model determination, and station construction. Avoiding the lack of a basis for determining the model of the concrete mixing plant. First, if the model of the concrete mixing station purchased is larger, resulting in an increase in concrete mixing plant costs. Second, if the model is small, will results in insufficient production capacity.
2. Area of the construction site
Among the concrete mixing plant models, HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 are engineering concrete batching plants, all of which use lift bucket loading, and their footprint is relatively small. Models over HZS60 is a commercial ready mix concrete plant, which uses a belt conveyor to feed materials, and its footprint is relatively large. Therefore, when selecting the model of concrete mixing station, the user should also consider the area of the construction site. For example, the daily demand of concrete is 400 cubic meters. In theory, the HZS60 concrete plant is suitable, but if the site area is not large enough, the HZS50 concrete plant can be selected. The price for concrete mixing plants is based on the type and configuration.
3. According to the nature of the construction
Look at whether it belongs to engineering concrete mixing station or commercial concrete mixing station. If it is engineering concrete mixing plant, you can choose HZS35, HZS50, HZS75 three models, which is convenient for migration and operation. If it is a commercial concrete mixing station, you can choose models over HZS90, of course, the concrete mixing plan cost will be higher. No matter which model you choose, the premise is to ensure that the production capacity of the concrete plant can meet the demand without causing too much waste.