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Internal Structure of Double Shaft Concrete Mixer For Sale


The double shaft concrete mixer for sale can fully mix the raw materials of concrete to meet the construction requirements, and is a special equipment for mixing concrete. It can also be used in a concrete batching plant and act as a role of concrete mixing “heart”. The quality of the double shaft concrete mixer directly affect the quality of the mixed concrete and then affect the quality of the construction projects. After notice the importance of the twin shaft concrete mixer, now let us analyzes the internal structure of it.

double shaft concrete mixer for sale double shaft concrete mixers for sale

1.Mixing shaft
The twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with two horizontally arranged mixing shafts. The solid shaft is generally used in China, which is easy to process and more reliable. The shovel-type stirring shaft system has the problem of the connection mode of the stirring arm and the stirring shaft. The existing jack welding type, the axle-holding type and the card-axis type have the problem of the shaft strength is weakened. Generally welding type is used in the double shaft concrete mixer to avoid the disadvantages.
2. Mixing blades
Mixing blades are provided on each mixing shaft. Side vanes are placed on the mixing arms near the ends of the mixing drum to scrape off the concrete on the end faces and change the flow direction of the concrete. According to the current structure of the horizontal shaft concrete mixer blade at home and abroad, the shovel type is widely used. For a single blade, it is a flat plate, it is integrated with the shaft through the stirring arm, so that all the blades are spirally distributed, and there is no direct contact between the blades, the structure is very convenient for the processing and installation of the blade.
3. Mixing arm
The mixing arm and the stirring shaft of the double shaft concrete mixer for sale have good maintenance performance and easy to replace. The mixing blade and the mixing arm are bolted, and the stirring arm is provided with a long hole for adjusting the gap between the blade and the lining, on the stirring arm near the two ends of the stirring tank, side blades are respectively provided for scraping off the concrete on the ends.