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Ensure normal work of mobile concrete batch plant in winter


Due the the influence of special climate, such as extremely harsh weather in winter, it is hard to ensure the normal production of the mobile concrete batch plant, which not only affects the normal construction period but also causes great loss to the project. Is there any method for concrete mixing plant equipment in extreme climatic conditions which can ensure normal production tasks? In response to this problem, in order to ensure that production work, Haomei Machinery tell you to do a series of work specifically on concrete mixing plants. Here we come together to talk about them.

mobile concrete batch plantmobile concrete batch plants

First of all, do a relatively closed structure around the host of concrete batching plant, which can guarantee the mixing host working environment above 0 degrees Celsius even in extremely low temperatures, thus the concrete mixer will not freeze into ice which lead to the production stopped. In addition, we also suggest a series of other protective measures, sufficient amount of lubricating oil is required, since the temperature in winter is too low, each parts friction coefficient increases, so sufficient amount of oil should be ready for replenishment, this is basic protection to ensure the production, in addition to, the device should also indicate the lowest lubricating oil line, so it is convenient for customers to pay attention to the production work of the mobile concrete batching plant in time. Once the lubricating oil falls below the normal interface, it is timely to add lubricating oil. This is also an effective way to ensure the normal production of concrete mixing plant during cold winter.

In winter, the production efficiency is far less than that of other seasons, so in the winter construction operations, we should pay attention to the use of mobile concrete batch plant and maintenance work in particular, as long as the pipeline exist water in the production process, it should be emptied in time, in order to avoid excessive temperature caused by freezing overnight, resulting in abnormal production. In order to does not delay the normal production of concrete mixing plant equipment in cold winter, we must strictly enforce the construction methods above. If you have any questions welcome to find a solution via email on the website.p