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Maintenance items of mobile concrete plant mixer


We know that the concrete mixer is the host of the whole set of mobile concrete plant, the importance of maintenance on the concrete mixer is obvious. If there is something wrong with the concrete mixer, the mixing work will be affected or even stopped. Thus, the maintenance can find little problems in advance to avoid error in the production and reduce the lost.

mobile concrete plant mobile concrete batching plant

The maintenance inspection items for the mobile concrete batching plant are divided into the following items:
1. Check the condition of the wire rope and add a little butter on the surface. After the wire rope is worn to a certain extent, it should be replaced;
2. Check the oil level of the gearbox, check the condition of each lubrication part, and fill the hopper roller bearing and the pulley bearing with lubricating oil;
3. The water supply device should be kept clean to avoid blockage, check and clean the suction valve once a week;
4. Check if the rocker arm of the travel switch is loose. If it is loose, make adjustments immediately;
5. Check whether the blade connecting bolt and the support arm connecting bolt are loose, adjust the gap between the blade and the barrel arm;
6. Check the power contact situation;
7. Unscrew the open plug and inspect the shaft end seal, make necessary adjustments, repairs and replacements.