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Temperature control of portable concrete batching plant


With the implementation of the national environmental protection policy, all walks of life are constantly improving and developing. The modern construction industry is increasingly favoring the use of portable concrete batching plant, because the mobile concrete batching plant is very complete and easy to operate, green and environmental. Since the mobile concrete mixing plant has a lot of equipment components, it is inevitable that some faults will occur during the use process, which will affect the construction. Let's analyze the faults that are easy to occur in the mobile concrete batch plant.

portable concrete batching plant portable concrete batch plant

What should not be overlooked in the mobile concrete batching plant is the temperature factor. During the construction process, a variety of equipment must be opened. Each equipment needs to have large power to produce large amount of concrete. Therefore, there will be large amount of heat generated during use process, and some parts of the heat cannot even be discharged normally, causing the internal temperature of the machine to be too high, resulting in some parts of the equipment not working properly.

In order to avoid high temperature, we can pay attention to the exchange of heat in production. One of the best methods is to reduce the temperature of the feed without affecting the quality of the product, so that the heat can also be exchanged so that the equipment does not overheat. In addition, in the construction process of the portable concrete batching plant, we need to pay attention to the mixing time of the concrete. The longer the mixing time, the more heat accumulated by the equipment, the more likely it is to cause equipment failure and affect the production progress.