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Portable concrete plant with high performance


Portable concrete plant is also called mobile batching plant, it is mainly used in projects with short construction period and low engineering cost. Portable concrete batching plant replaces the shortage of traditional stationary concrete batching plant mini, it is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving, environmentally friendly equipment and has won numerous recognitions for its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service.

portable concrete plant portable concrete plants

The basic design part of the mobile concrete plant only needs to be hardened on the ground. The powder tank and the batching machine are all steel structure foundations, and the basic steel frames are all locked, which can be disassembled and transformed into pieces. The main body of the portable concrete batching plant is designed with the trailer in accordance with the standard of the trailer. It is equipped with wheel taillights and so on. When the construction period is intermittent, the overall equipment can temporary storage, the footprint is very small, no need to worry about the loss and damage of parts. The whole machine is environmentally friendly and high-end. It has built-in “pulse dust collector” to effectively reduce dust emission. The main body of the portable concrete plant equipment is fully encapsulated and green. The main space is spacious, and the activities and maintenance are free.